Based in Poland, Kriomedpol is the producer of cryotherapy and cryosurgical liquid nitrogen devices. With 30 years experience in the field of cryotherapy, Kriomedopol guarantees a high set of standards and reliability of the devices they design and manufacture. Kriomedpol continually improve the design of their equipment and their web site offers data sheets and product specifications on the Bryza, Zefir, Mistral and K-20 devices. Cryogenic equipment comes with 2 year warranty.

Cryotherapy Services

Revive Body Mind is proud to use quality Kriomedpol equipment in localized cryotherapy treatments. The treatment process involves targeting a problem area with a mist of very cold air which promotes tissue repair and improves blood circulation. Local cyrotherapy has been shown to reduce pain and inflammation. The treatment lasts for 3 to 6 minutes and is very effective because the operating temperature of the cold vapour is -256F.

Local cyrotherapy is used in cyrofacials where cool air is sprayed on the face under strict supervision. The treatment reduces wrinkles, diminishes blemishes, and increases skin tone/firmness.

Based in New Jersey, Revive Body Mind offers whole-body and localized cryotherapy using Juka and Kriomedopol equipment. Both are highly regarded manufacturers with years of experience and knowledge in the field of cryogenics.


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