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Cold Therapy Benefits for Men’s Health

I like to chill out, but probably not in the sense you’re used to. My kind of chilling means daily and regular cold therapy – situations in which I purposefully place my body in a cool to cold environment. FULL ARTICLE. 

6 Benefits of Cryotherapy for the Body and Soul

My first cryotherapy session could be described as a scene from a science fiction novel. I was asked to strip down and was given socks, shoes, and gloves. Full Article.

This is What a Cryotherapy Session Really Feels Like

First things first: what even is cryotherapy? At its most basic description, cryotherapy is when you expose yourself to incredibly cold temperatures (we’re talking -220 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes (three was the recommended time for my session). Full Article.

The Cryotherapy revolution has arrived!

I’m not usually one for predictions, but I’m making an exception when it comes to the latest health craze sweeping our country. Cryotherapy, used throughout Europe for years now to treat and prevent multiple health issues, is starting to catch on in the US. Full Article.

Cryotherapy Helped Leicester City Win the Premier League Championships

On May 2, Leicester City FC won the English Premier League title, completing their Cinderella story season. Full Article.

Rejuvenation through Cryotherapy and Halotherapy

Two unique therapies popular in Europe are making their way to the United States: Cryotherapy and Halotherapy. Read Full Article.

Revive Body Mind featured in Plus Tygodnik- Polish Publication

Nauru potrafia niezwykle zaskakiwac. Tych, ktorzy sledza uwaznie postepy i najnowsze doniesienia naukowcow na pewno nie zaskoczy fakt, ze coraz wieksza popularnoscia cieszy sie krioterapia, czyli leczenie zimnem (z jezyka greckiego kryos- zimny + therapeia – leczenie). Full Article.


Bergen County Cryotherapy

You can tell a lot about your health by taking your body temperature. In fact, your body temperature might be one of the best metrics for assessing your metabolism (thyroid) and overall health. For optimal health, your body temperature should be around 98.6 degrees. Full article.

Jamie Vardy having sessions in cryotherapy chamber in bid to equal all-time scoring record

JAMIE VARDY, nursing a series of injuries, is having sessions in Leicester’s cryotherapy chamber which goes down to -135 degrees in a bid to equal the all-time top-flight scoring record.

Time to Chill Out: Cryotherapy takes the cold plunge as the latest health boon

Katherine Terrell describes the experience of cryotherapy as “feeling like my outer skin was turning to icicles.” She could only take 90 seconds of the subzero temperatures the first time, working her way up to a 3-minute session in the chamber. Full article.