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Introducing our New Equipment- Single Person Cryosauna

Revive your Body and Mind by stepping into -256 for just 3 minutes

Localized Cryotherapy ideal for spot treatments

Cryotherapy for Beauty and Anti-aging

Cryotherapy enhances Athletic Performance

Cryotherapy promotes Health and Wellness

Cryotherapy increases mobility, reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation

Halotherapy rejuvenates your skin and supports healing from the inside

Cryotherapy decreases Inflammation and Muscle Soreness

Halotherapy provides relief from allergies, COPD and other respiratory illnesses

Cryotherapy and Halotherapy


Learn more about Whole Body Cryotherapy and Halotherapy (Salt Therapy)

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a treatment consisting of short term exposure to very low temperatures.

Halotherapy entails relaxing in a room made out of rock salt while breathing in salt participles that are released into the air.

ReviveBodyMind is a premium Cryotherapy Equipment Distributor. Our Equipment is very safe and effective! No contact with nitrogen vapor in our chamber.
First chamber on the East Coast!

Cryotherapy in the news:


Cold Therapy Benefits for Men’s Health
I like to chill out, but probably not in the sense you’re used to. My kind of chilling means daily and regular cold therapy - situations in which I purposefully place my body in a cool to cold environment. FULL ARTICLE. 
6 Benefits of Cryotherapy for the Body and Soul
My first cryotherapy session could be described as a scene from a science fiction novel. I was asked to strip down and was given socks, shoes, and gloves. Full Article.
This is What a Cryotherapy Session Really Feels Like
First things first: what even is cryotherapy? At its most basic description, cryotherapy is when you expose yourself to incredibly cold temperatures (we're talking -220 degrees Fahrenheit) for a few minutes (three was the recommended time for my session). Full Article.

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday

Halotherapy- Every hour/ top of the hour. 45 min sessions.
Cryotherapy- Morning, Afternoon and Evening Sessions.


Sunday- Morning and afternoon.

Early morning and late evening hours available by request.